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The Positive Impact of a Landscaping Remodel

by Jennifer Weldon

Now is a great time to remodel the exterior of your home, including the landscaping. From new flowers, trees, and shrubs to ornamental decoration such as ponds or retaining walls, a landscaping overhaul can have many positive effects on you and your home.

Financial/Re-Sale Impact

A nice landscaping job vastly increases the curb appeal of your home. This will add to its perceived value. When it is time for you to sell, people will stop and take another look when they drive by your home and see an immaculate yard and beds. The nicer the curb appeal of a home, the more showings from prospective buyers you can expect. A well kept exterior generally translates into a well kept interior and home buyers like to know that the home and yard has been well taken care of. You will be able to sell your house quicker and for more money if your landscaping is maintained nicely.

Environment/ Energy Impact

When you remodel your landscaping you have a great opportunity to incorporate environmental friendly designs and products into your yard. A new root-drip irrigation system can be installed that saves water by watering directly to the roots. You can even hook the irrigation system up to a recycled water reservoir. This collects rainwater and grey water from your home (used water from sinks, laundry, etc) and uses it to irrigate plants and yards. You can also set up new watering schedules via timers to water your beds and yards at the most efficient time. You will conserve water and also save on your utility bill every month. When designing the landscape lighting consider using solar powered lights that store energy during the day and use it to provide light at dusk. As you plant more shrubs, trees, and flowers, know that you are helping remove toxins from the air and keeping it healthy for everyone to breath. Many households are also planting small, organic gardens in their backyards. You can plant the vegetables and herbs that you and your family eat and keep them pest and chemical free.

Time and Convenience

Another positive impact of remodeling your landscaping is that you can make it more maintenance free and cut down on the time you spend in your yard. If mowing your grass is a chore, consider adding more flower beds or natural areas with trees. Having irrigation systems run and set up with timers will eliminate the need for you to haul hoses over various areas of the yard. When designing flower beds, mix perennials that bloom at different months of the year. This will ensure you have colorful flowers at all times of the year. Be sure to lay weed control paper down so you can cut back on your weeding time. Once everything in your yard is in tip top shape, it is much easier to keep it maintained. You may even consider having the contractor who helped you remodel your landscaping keep it maintained on a weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis.


One of the most positive impacts of remodeling your landscaping is the added enjoyment you can expect to receive. From the design and layout where you will get to select your favorite plants and varieties to the end product when you can bask in the colorful bounty you have created. Choose elements that appeal to you. If you enjoy water install a small ornamental or koy pond. If butterflies make you smile, plant a bright garden with flowers that attract butterflies. The choices are limitless and are up to you. The enjoyment and reward you will receive from your landscaping remodel is truly priceless.

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